Materials Engineering, Evaluation, and Inspection

Spectrum Structured Light Scanning with 3D Toolbox

Structured Light is a premium 3D technology for use in pipeline “feature” analysis

The 3D Toolbox is composed of a 3D structured light “camera”, ruggedized PC controller, software and accessories all in a strong protected case that can be easily transported to any jobsite worldwide. The 3D Toolbox is one of the best tools in Spectrum’s arsenal for nondestructive evaluation of surface “features” (corrosion, defects, dents, etc.).


The many benefits of this technology as noted by PRCI member companies as well as PHMSA, NTSB, NEB include:

  • Repeatability. The device will capture the same 3D measurements 100% of the time from any angle by any person using the device.
  • Calibration. The device is calibrated at the factory and is National Institutes of Standards Testing (NIST) traceable. If the device is not calibrated it will not operate.
  • Ease of use. Used just like any standard 2D camera. No special training and images are captured in microseconds.
  • Speed. The 3D images can be captured in fractions of seconds and stitched together in minutes. Thus a complete corrosion inspection, analysis and final decision can be completed in minutes rather than hours or days.
  • Accuracy. Equal to or better accuracy than laser technology.

More Accurate Decision Making

The pipeline industry is often challenged in assessing the severity of a particular pipe anomaly (dent, gouge, corrosion pit, etc.) to determine whether or not repair or removal is warranted. In addition, there is also a need for prioritizing in-line-inspection (ILI) data, and for rendering remaining-life assessments of the pipe. Spectrum’s 3D Toolbox enables us to quickly and accurately collect repeatable data that can then be used with computational tools such as ASME B31G, Modified ASME B31G, RSTRENG© and API 579/ASME FFS-1.