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Certified Experience
Recognized Leadership

Spectrum Stays Ahead of the Rest

Demand for pipeline integrity and related services is increasing rapidly, and Spectrum is expanding to meet that demand. Spectrum brings decades of experience and the most advanced nondestructive examination techniques and technology. We offer pipeline integrity services to protect your investment and your bottom line, nondestructive analysis techniques to assess material, component and system properties without damage, and reliable inspection capabilities for non metallic components.

Spectrum specializes in applying very advanced non-destructive evaluation techniques to solve our customers’ inspection and quality control challenges. For more than a decade we have specialized in using CIT Phased Array technology. And with the introduction of microwave inspection technologies, Spectrum has become the leader in both non-metallic and metallic NDT applications.

We believe Spectrum is best suited as your preferred supplier for several reasons:

  1. Our expertise in applying NDT technology is based on three decades of experience
  2. Spectrum technicians average an industry-leading 15 years of experience
  3. We specialize in applying only the most advanced non-destructive testing applications
  4. Our Phased Array UT advantage is recognized by major fabrication shops.
  5. We have the technology and expertise to achieve both your non-metallic and your metallic inspection objectives
  6. Spectrum is certified by ISNetworld, the global resource for connecting corporations with safe, reliable contractors and suppliers
  7. The certifications held by our technicians ensures your complete satisfaction, every time

Certified Quality

Spectrum maintains a rigorous Quality Assurance System to ensure that all projects meet or exceed the specifications. This system eliminates the costly trial and error approaches used by companies who do not integrate quality control into their overall project development from start to finish.

We are certified by ISNetworld and we are a NACE Corporate Member. In addition, our technicians carry industry-recognized certifications, including CGSB, SNT and ASNT.

Spectrum staff hold the CWB Welding Specialist Mark. The Welding Specialist Mark program represents much more than just a mark. It represents dedication to the welding industry and the ability to contribute to an industry that prides itself on ensuring public safety.

Spectrum is also a member of the PICS Consortium, a global contractor management organization committed to improving Health, Safety and Quality. PICS' prequalification and auditing services have become the standard in many industries, including Chemical, Oil & Gas, Power, Construction, Mining and Manufacturing.


Spectrum is recognized by the Government of Alberta for developing and implementing an independently evaluated occupational health and safety program.

Partnership with SAIT

Spectrum is helping create a sustainable industry through a partnership program with SAIT Polytechnic School. This program provides students with firsthand experience in non-destructive testing under the supervision of experienced professionals.


Spectrum provides excellent value-added services at competitive rates. Their knowledgeable, experienced technicians continually optimize the services provided so that we can bring greater quality and efficiency to our process and, consequently, our products."

Manager, Quality Control
Major Fabrication Shop

We have been doing business with Spectrum NDT for at least 25 years. Spectrum always provides knowledgeable, timely, and honest service. They consistently strive to understand our business and adapt their services to best suit our operations. They are an integral part of our team and we rely on them every day.

Manager Technical Planning
Major Rotating Equipment Support Firm

The service, reliability, and knowledge that Spectrum provides have always been 110%. Spectrum is consistently on the cutting edge and I can't say enough about the integrity and professionalism exhibited by each individual.

Manager, Quality Control
Major Energy Industry Engineering
and Fabrication Firm