Materials Engineering, Evaluation, and Inspection

Electro-Magnetic Field Imaging (EMFI)

Fast detection of defects through dirt, paint and non-conductive coatings up to 15 mm thick

Through our partnership with Athena Industrial Services, Spectrum NDT offers Electro-Magnetic Field Imaging (EMFI) using ECHO-3D®, the newest technology for the detection of surface breaking defects and crack depth measurements.

This technology is ideal for inspection applications in many industries, such as oil and gas, where the focus is on detection and measurement of pipeline defects, including EFW and ERW long seams and stress corrosion cracking (SCC). In addition we can assist the petrochemical, power generation, aerospace, infrastructure and manufacturing industries.

By creating and measuring electro-magnetic field shapes, we can detect surface breaking defects through dirt, paint and non-conductive coatings up to 15 mm (9/16") thick. High resolution digital data can be obtained at inspection speeds of over 305 mm per second (12 inches per second) and is instantly displayed in a colour coded C-Scan image. The software automatically locates and displays defects on both the X & Y axis, allowing technicians to quickly determine the severity of the defect.

Once all the data has been analyzed, a PDF report is generated, capturing all project data including technician's notes, defect locations and depths and other information such as site photos, C-Scan images, 3D displays and X, Y & Z analysis views.