Materials Engineering, Evaluation, and Inspection

Phased Array Ultrasonic

Increase your productivity with more accurate, safer, environmentally responsible inspection technology while strengthening your reputation as an industry leader.

Do you need high volume weld inspections that can be conducted at any time without interference to production? Or perhaps you require weld clearing at short notice and you donít want to move everyone off the site or out of the shop.

Spectrum has the answer. Using advanced Phased Array UT inspection technology as an advanced alternative to radiography, Spectrum is able to inspect in busy populated areas with no risk to public safety.

Girth Weld Inspection

Spectrum uses a state-of-the-art Olympus NDT circumferential weld inspection system developed for the oil and gas industry based on the industry-standard OmniScanģ. This PAUT system is qualified to inspect tubes with diameters ranging from 48mm to 1,524mm and thicknesses from 5mm and greater, in compliance with the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Section V.


Spectrumís semi-automated Phased Array system offers better inspection speed and detection, and makes interpretation of the indications significantly easier.

  • Pin Point Accuracy: Always know the exact depth and length of repairs
  • Convenient Storage and Retrieval: Instead of hundreds of pieces of film you can store a complete job on one disc
  • Free Viewer Download: The TomoViewer™ application, available free online, is all you need to review reports and scans

How It Works

This scan diagram from one side of the weld shows how Spectrum achieves superior coverage with Phased Array UT.

Red Lines: Linear scan at 45 degrees to cover the upper part using skips on the bottom surface.
Blue Lines: Linear scan at 60 degrees to cover the lower part
Yellow Lines: Sectorial scan from 35 to 70 degrees to increase probability of detection.

Other Benefits

Enhance your reputation for environmental responsibility. Spectrumís Phased Array system is energy saving, with much less wastage. It virtually eliminates chemicals, fuel and paper.

Create a safer working environment. With Spectrumís Phased Array system, there is no dangerous radiation.

Hire The People With The Most Experience

Spectrum has performed Phased Array UT inspections for over a decade, typically on heavy wall vessels to Code Case 2235. We have since expanded our Advanced UT capabilities and can offer you code compliant Phased Array inspection of piping fabricated to B31.