Materials Engineering, Evaluation, and Inspection

Decades of Expertise

The most advanced nondestructive testing applications

During three decades of fabrication shop and pipeline integrity experience, Spectrum has specialized in applying only the most advanced nondestructive and destructive testing applications.

Our success stems in part from our unique three-phase production model:

Pre-Production Service

  • Determine customerís requirements, including any requirements not stated by the customer, but necessary for the specified result and or intended use.
  • Determine statutory and regulatory requirements related to the product.
  • Review these requirements with the customer and clearly define the product.

Production Service

  • Implement the NDT processes to meet the customerís specifications and Spectrumís quality policies and objectives.
  • Monitor and measure the final product and relevant NDT processes and obtain customerís evaluations.

Post-Production Service

  • Evaluate the processes to ensure customer specifications and Spectrumís quality policies and objectives were met.
  • Take action to continually improve our product and processes, based on our customerís perception and on our internal quality system audits.

Need it tested? Trust Spectrum NDT.

"The service, reliability, and knowledge that Spectrum provides have always been 110%. Spectrum is consistently on the cutting edge and I can't say enough about the integrity and professionalism exhibited by each individual."

Manager, Quality Control
Major Fabrication Shop



Spectrum employs nondestructive analysis techniques to evaluate material, component and system properties without damage.

Pipeline Integrity

Protect your investment and your bottom line.

Non-Metallic Testing

Reliable inspection techniques for non-metallic components.

Destructive Testing

Sometimes you just need a break.

Materials Evaluation

Reduce or Eliminate Expensive Material Failures.

Ground Penetrating Radar

Find Subsurface Targets Fast.

Welding Consultation

Stronger, More Secure Welds.